Son Naava oil

Son Naava oil is one of the products of kilometer 0 that you can find among the more than 2500 references in #AgromartBalear.

Son Naava is located in Montuïri, surrounding the archaeological and talayotic area of Son Fornés. An emblematic place full of historical wealth that makes the soil abundant in many aspects.

The olive trees are from the Arbequina family with an earthy aromatic flavor. These types of trees bloom dry and alkaline summers of heat and drought. The soil of Son Naava is rich in calcium and has low Ph levels that help the production of a special extra virgin olive oil. About 12,000 liters of olive oil are produced annually.

They use a biodynamic agriculture supervised by Demeter. It is a method of cultivation that ensures that the soil nourishes naturally without using chemicals.

The ecological organizations Demeter and Oil of Mallorca analyze it before bottling it.

Therefore, the Son Naava oils have the Demeter certification label. This stamp guarantees the highest quality of the products cultivated in a biodynamic agriculture, for people totally committed to nature.