Seasonal recipes

Now that summer is coming and as you know, we like to eat something cold and fresh:

Our typical dishes are the “trempó” and “tumbet”. And of course, the all known PA AMB OLI.

But … Did you know that anyone could give a personal touch to this dishes?

For example…Some people adds tuna or black olives to Trempó. Some also makes a Tumbet with pork loin or prawns; and some cannot miss the natural canned tomato to pa amb oli.

We would like to create a community for Agromart customers and friends, to share recipes, details or creative ideas when making our seasonal recipes.


How do you do pa amb oli? With “moreno” bread? With rye bread?

What cannot be missing in your pa amb oli? Any creative summer recipe that does never fail during the typical summer dinners with friends?

What is the main picnic to bring to the beach?

What is your secret ingredient in Tumbet?

Are you a green smoothie lover? Which one is your favorite?

Send us your recipe by private message, and we will publish it in our news section or share your recipe through our social networks and do not forget to tag us.

Bon appétit #AGROMARTERS!