Compostable coffee capsule

In #AgromartBalear, we have biodegradable Capsules of the Novell brand that they are 100% compostable, that is, they can be recycled.

Coffee lovers leave more than 19 million capsules in waste. Imagine now that all capsules were compostable.

With the compostable capsules of Cafés Novell, we add to the pleasure of a good coffee the respect for nature.

Cafés Novell, the most responsible pleasure.

Good coffee is a treat for the senses. But every day the coffee lovers leave more than 19 million capsules in waste that will take at least a century to degrade naturally.

Now, imagine that all the capsules were compostable and they were degraded totally without leaving residues in just 12 weeks.

This is possible with compostable capsules from Cafés Novell, made from renewable substances of corn and compostable materials that guarantee its transformation in manure.

So we can enjoy a 100% organic coffee, from the best coffee plantations of organic farming, selected in capsules that respect our environment.

Cafés Novell. Now, the most responsible pleasure.