Peppers “Escalivada”

From Maria Casadellà

We present a fresh recipe, easy to make. Maria Casadellà has tagged us in our social networks, so we can take note of a summer dish made with #AgromartBalear products.

Agromart ingredients

– Peppers

– “Figueres” onions

– Cantabrian tuna

Other ingredients

Eggs from Antonia’s chickens.

How to prepare it?

1. Roast the peppers and onion for about 1 hour at 200 ° C

2. Boil the eggs

3. Once we have the roasted vegetable, we let it sweat covered with a cloth

4. Cut the vegetables and eggs into strips

5. Place inside the plate and add the tuna

6. Dress with a little oil and salt

7. We serve and enjoy

Properties of the “Escalivada”

The “Escalivada” is a very good food for health because it gives us great benefits because of the properties of its ingredients.

The pepper is ideal to combat aging and various diseases since they contain a high content of vitamins and antioxidants.

Onion is a food that has almost no calories since it is composed of 90% of water. It provides a lot of fiber and vitamins that helps us regulate the body.

The egg is a source of complete protein, it helps us prevent the loss of muscle, improves bone health and reduces tension.

Finally, tuna is a blue fish and therefore has a high content of Omega 3 that helps regulate cholesterol and triglycerides.

Bon appetite #AGROMARTERS