Ramaders Agrupats

  • Ramaders Agrupats from Felanitx are in charge of providing us the meat that we supply in our stores.
  • Their products are 100% autochthonous since the livestock they offer is raised in Mallorcan lands.
  • Ramaders Agrupats have a complete infrastructure to do everything during meat transformation procedures.

  • They are a company that complies 100% with the regulations and have a slaughterhouse fully homologated that includes a tunnel that moves the material directly to the factory.

They have their own distribution network throughout the island with two refrigerator vehicles which they send us their products.


  • It is part of the traditional gastronomy of the island since the sixteenth century.
  • It should be remembered that it was a main element in the Mallorcan diet, since raw meat was eaten only on special occasions.
  • During the end of the XVIII century is when sobrasada acquires the most important change which is its red color, due to the sweet paprika.