Orange juice machines

In #AgromartBalear we have natural orange juice machines with our own oranges.

The first store that had this machine was Santanyí, but you can find these machines in more Agromart stores.

The stores with machine juice are:

  • Agromart Blanquerna
  • C/Blanquerna, 29 (Palma)
  • Telephone: 611 161 400

Here you can find the Agromart Blanquerna store

  • Agromart Pollença
  • C/Cecili Metel, 22
  • Telephone: 655 210 831 / 971 531 015

Here you can find the Agromart Pollença store

  • Agromart Artà
  • Avinguda de Costa i Llobera, 20
  • Telephone: 673 175 618

Here you can find the Agromart Artà store

  • Agromart Campos
  • C/Poniente, 30
  • Telephone: 971 651 724

Here you can find the Agromart Campos store

  • Agromart Portals
  • C/Garcilaso de la Vega, 5. Local B
  • Telephone: 673 17 60 08

Here you can find the Agromart Portals store

There are some myths and recommendations of orange juice:


  • If you do not drink quickly the orange juice, this do not lose the vitamins.

  • The orange juice does not make you fat.

  • Orange juice does not cure colds, but vitamin C helps the Immune system to protect you from them.


Helps prevent the formation of kidney stones
Reduces cholesterol levels
Purifies the organism
Helps to create collagen