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Grans de cafè










The cafe has stimulant  and tonic properties , and it is consumed worldwide. The list of different coffee drinks is very long :


  • Espresso : This is the coffee that can be enjoyed in bars , restaurants and catering in general. It is the result of the infusion of 7 g of ground coffee properly at a pressure of 9 bars and a water temperature of 88 ° C for 25 seconds, to extract 25 ml (including cream ) .
  • Coffee Plunger : the easiest way to make coffee at home : put the coffee pot , add water about to boil , put the nozzle of the same diameter as the coffee and press the plunger until the lower part                                           (where the brown deposits ) , and on the piston appear infusion , body smooth and aromatic .
  • Coffee maker : for this infusion put the ground coffee in the filter ( usually of paper and placed on the container that will serve coffee to serve it) , pour hot water over the lower and by force of gravity, into the coffee . It is widely consumed in the United States and Northern Europe .
  • Mocca Coffee : The aromatic drink with little body and normally the type of coffee that is home. To do so, you use a coffee (known as Italian ) , opens in the middle , they put water on the bottom and the middle ground coffee , and once done , the infusion is on top of coffee .
  • Decaffeinated coffee : coffee which extracted 97% of the caffeine without their other properties vary . Descafeïnament process is quite costly.
  • Turkish coffee : drink a little body with a very aromatic and concentrated. To do so, put the coffee with sugar ( cane black if possible ) in a metal can with hot water and make it three times to reach boiling point . For the last time let it simmer for a while and stir so that it hard foam . Served without straining and decanting is advisable to add a dash of cold water before using it because it enhances flavor and helps to deposit the brown background. As its name suggests, is widely consumed in Turkey and neighboring countries.
  • Instant coffee : instant soluble coffee product is dry powder or granules , resulting from the extraction of roasted coffee by drinking water that contains only the principles soluble sapida and aromatic coffee . Can be quickly dissolved in hot water for consumption. Coffee gained roughly equivalent to a third of the weight of green coffee .
  • Coffee with milk .
  • Bedonya coffee (coffee with chocolate and condensed milk ) .
  • Arabic coffee ( made with boiled water , cinnamon, sugar and cardamom ) .
  • Chocolate brown or bottle (coffee with condensed milk typical of Valencia ) .
  • Coffee " frappe " ( instant coffee with milk shake optional and very popular in Greece ) .
  • Axocolatat coffee (coffee and chocolate in equal measure ) .
  • Cappuccino ( in Catalonia coffee with chocolate and cream, cappuccino differs from Italian)
  • Swiss Coffee (coffee with whipped cream covered with milk )
  • Pepper Coffee ( espresso is one of about 35 ml is placed in a glass of vermouth and sprinkle top with a little freshly ground black pepper ) .
  • Cortado coffee (coffee with milk, but less milk than coffee, served in a small glass )
  • Maroccino coffee ( a cup of coffee cut put the following ingredients in layers from bottom to top : cocoa powder at the bottom, then half espresso , cream or milk foam mounted , cocoa powder, the other half of espresso above and above , more cream and finally, most cocoa powder as decoration ) .
  • Viennese coffee : coffee covered with a very thick layer of cream and garnished with chocolate powder or chocolate shavings .
  • Barraquito : Cortado long coffee with milk, condensed milk , cinnamon, a slice of lemon and a bit of liquor .
  • Bottle of Milan : coffee mixed with condensed milk , egg yolks , vermouth , a slice of lemon and cinnamon , served with ice slush .
  • Coffee flavored chocolate orange : brown throughout , whipped cream , orange zest , chocolate , cinnamon and 1 pinch of Cointreau .
  • Irish coffee : espresso , Irish whiskey , sugar and cream and cold cream thickens .
  • Moretta coffee : espresso , Mistra Varnelli , black rum , brandy and sugar. Put all ingredients into a shaker , heated to boiling point with the spray of coffee served with a lemon peel to the edge of the glass decoration .
  • Russian coffee : coffee with cream and vodka .
  • Cicada : hot drink and coffee-based liqueur , brandy or anise especially .
  • Cocktail with orange brown : brown long, whipped cream , powdered sugar , orange zest , orange slices peeled orange liqueur and Grand Marnier .
  • Cocktail stiff : espresso , decaffeinated instant coffee , honey , sugar, egg , waffles and rum.
  • Afternoon combined : espresso , lemon peel , sugar , cinnamon, cream , ice cubes , rum and coffee liqueur .
  • Burned : drink made with rum or other liquor , coffee, lemon , sugar, etc. , Drink up before it becomes a little flame to almost complete combustion of the alcohol.
  • Iced coffee : decaffeinated instant coffee , mineral water, fine sugar gloss , cinnamon and coffee liqueur .
  • Black and White : iced coffee meringue
  • Liqueur coffee : espresso , mineral water, fine sugar gloss , cinnamon and brandy .
  • Coffee - liquor: coffee based  drink , which can be taken alone or with horchata , iced , etc. .
  • Coffee Shake: coffee and smoothie mixed with a scoop of ice cream.
  • Iced coffee: coffee usually served hot with ice cubes .


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