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Eggs are rich in protein and easy to digest. There are several ways to eat them without other ingredients: 


  • Fried eggs, fried in olive oil. 
  • Eggs grilled. 
  • Trout, also called French omelette. 
  • Scrambled eggs, which is like trout but no shape. 
  • Boiled eggs or hard, boiled with shell over 10 minutes 
  • Fast boiled eggs, boiled with shell less than 5 minutes 
  • Poached eggs, cooked in a broth without shell. 
  • Egg dish, baked without shell. 
  • Raw eggs. 


But in addition, eggs are the base of the Tortilla de patatas, mayonnaise sauce, the cake, the souffle (or soufflé) or quiche

In baking the egg has countless applications. Thus, the buds are used to produce flames and whites for the meringue and as an ingredient of sorbets, among others. 

In Agromart you'll find chicken eggs from farm or organic. We also have quail eggs.

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